How to join the Hakluyt Society

To join the Society online and pay your subscription by credit card, simply begin by filling in the on-line registration request form. Our secure server is programmed to provide an exceptional degree of security.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to join the Society online, you may fill in the enrolment form and send it to the Society office by post, accompanied by a cheque in GB pounds or US dollars (see below). Please note that credit card renewals can no longer be made by post.

Existing members of the Society may renew their subscription online by clicking the Renew Subscription Online button to the left of this page. Alternatively, members may print out a renewal form (below) and post it with their cheque to the office.

Please do not attempt to renew your subscription by completing the registration request form above which is for new members only.

Subscription rates and methods of payment

The following subscription rates will apply for the year 2016 and until further notice:

Normal membership ₤ 60.00 (60 GB pounds) for the United Kingdom and all other countries (or US$110 for US$ cheques; see below).
Student membership ₤ 30.00 (30 GB pounds) for the United Kingdom and all other countries (see below).

Note: Members living outside the UK who pay online by credit card should enter the amount of £60 (or £30 if a student member) on the payment form. Their credit card statements will then indicate this payment together with the equivalent in their own currency according to the exchange rate in force at the time of their payment, or that dictated by their credit card company. For those members in the United States who choose to pay by dollars cheque the annual subscription is US$110 (US$55 for students), the small excess helping to cover bank charges and administrative costs. Cheques drawn on currencies other than GB pounds and US dollars cannot be accepted.

Student members receive the same benefits as full members but will be required, at the time application for membership is made, to provide certification that they are in full-time education at school, or at a recognised university (including postgraduate studies) or institution of further education. Application for student membership must be accompanied by a separate email to which is attached a copy of your student ID or a letter confirming your present status within the institution.

Online payment may be made by Visa or Mastercard only. There is no surcharge for paying by credit card. Members with UK bank accounts may alternatively pay by Direct Debit, a mandate form for which may be downloaded by clicking here. Please note that Direct Debit may not be used by new members paying their first year’s subscription.

For existing members wishing to renew by post, a form is available by clicking here.

New members please note that unless you specify otherwise your first subscription covers the entire year, January to December, in which your subscription is paid, regardless of the date at which you join*. For example, if you join the Society in October 2015 you will normally receive all books published in 2015, including those issued between January and October of that year. In all subsequent years you will be invited to renew in January, regardless of the month in which you joined.

*New members joining late in the year will be asked whether they really do wish to subscribe for the current year and receive our publications for that year, or whether they would prefer to start their subscription in the following January.

Gift Aid on subscriptions (UK members only)

If you pay income tax in the UK the Hakluyt Society as a registered charity can claim from HM Revenue and Customs a sum equal to the amount of tax you have paid on your membership subscription or donations to the Society. This involves no more than filling in a simple form, signing it and sending it to the Society’s office at the address provided on the form.

Gift Aid is an important source of income to the Hakluyt Society, and it costs you nothing. To download the form, please click here.

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