7. Book of the Knowledge.


Book of the Knowledge of all the Kingdoms, Lands and Lordships that are in the World, and the Arms and Devices of each Land and Lordship, or of the Kings and Lords who Possess them. Written by a Spanish Franciscan in the Middle of the fourteenth century. Published for the first time with notes by Marcos Jimenez de la Espada in 1877. Translated and Edited by Sir Clements Markham, 2nd series, 29, 1912.

Sir Clements Markham, for decades the great panjandrum of the Hakluyt Society, took this manuscript of a very short work written in the middle of the fourteenth century from the Biblioteca Nacional in Madrid. In earlier times it had been known and had had a certain influence. It is profusely illustrated with flags for all the European territories it notices. In the Introduction, Markham discusses this and the relative proportions in its composition of travel experience, literary compilation and sheer imagination. There is only a page or so devoted, apparently, to India, which is represented as a land of ancient wisdom. Markham also thinks that here is the earliest European reference to Tibet.

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